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  • Dr. Linda Jack, Florida House District 36
    I am running for political office for the first time and have no experience with website design or many of the current web-based technologies. Arp Laszlo at Sunrise Pro Websites was recommended to me by a friend and I am SO glad I hired him! He patiently walked me through the whole process, put up with all my crazy ideas and used his own gifts and imagination to create with me a truly beautiful site that I am proud to share with the world. I know some others would have charged me twice as much for all the work he did! Arp is a true professional and made the whole process run smoothly and efficiently. I highly recommend Sunrise Pro Websites!
    Dr. Linda Jack, Florida House District 36
  • Samantha Scoggins, Inviting Business Paper Boutique
    I highly recommend this company! Arp with Sunrise Pro Websites is excellent at what he does. He was extremely easy to work with and made updating my website a breeze. It came out beautifully and within my budget. I will be recommending him to other people who need website design!
    Samantha Scoggins, Inviting Business Paper Boutique
  • Captain John O' Hanlon
    I needed help with my WordPress website. Arp did the task in very little time. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it at a fair and reasonable price. He has now earned my business whenever I need help! Thanks Arp, you're the man!
    Captain John O’ Hanlon
  • Naeem Nickens, Blu Drive Distribution
    Arp is a awesome web designer! He's honest, patient, and real. I highly recommend him.
    Naeem Nickens, Blu Drive Distribution
  • Events by Jess


    Arp did an amazing job on my website! I'm a wedding planner and even though my ideas were kind of everywhere he really got me organized and made it all come together. He's experienced and works diligently to get it done quickly. Everyone loves my site, especially me! :) Thanks Arp!

    Events by Jess
  • Kate Pawlowski
    Sunrise Pro Websites are the absolute best! I have worked with them a few times on different projects and each time have been 100% satisfied. They are easy to communicate with, quick to respond to questions and comments, and work phenomenally via email which for me as a business owner is much easier than scheduling a phone call. I highly recommend them for any and all your web design needs.
    Kate Pawlowski
  • Michele Gholson
    I was referred to Arp when my online business was transitioning and I needed the expertise of someone to help me optimize my site. Little did I know that Arp's online marketing skills were only the tip of the iceberg. Since that original meeting Arp has also designed an entire new site for my business as well as continues to help me as I grow my business to more local events knowing I needed a site that could showcase this new path. What most stood out for me was Arp's astute pulse on what is current in the web-based world as well as his timeliness, organization and follow-thru on any project I contracted out with him.
    Michele Gholson
  • Vootu Inc.
    Sunrise Pro get's six stars out of five! They were extremely responsive, professional and delivered on time. I only wish all our vendors were as meticulous. If you are looking for an exceptional website with exceptional service, give Sunrise Pro Websites a call!
    Vootu Inc.
  • W.F. Casey Ebsary, Jr.
    Skilled, Knowledgeable, and Professional. #BestInTheBusiness
    W.F. Casey Ebsary, Jr.
  • Jax Black Car
    Sunrise Pro Websites did a fantastic job. Excellent work, excellent work ethic, completely dedicated to a successful project. Sunrise exceeded all of our expectations. Totally professional and modern dynamic content for our business. We are very pleased and highly recommend their company without reservation.
    Jax Black Car
  • Abby Lofberg
    Arp migrated our website from Squarespace to Wordpress. He was very communicative and patient during the process, which was great, as we had a lot of changes come up along the way. Since we didn't really know what we wanted our website to look like, he showed us a ton of examples and was instrumental in us honing our aesthetic on the site. We hope to work with him again, and very much recommend him to anyone.
    Abby Lofberg
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    Arp has created and worked on numerous websites with me for over 5 years. I have always experienced him and his services to be professional, friendly, reasonably priced and fast! He has resolved what seemed like frustrating situations with ease and confidence and he is a trustworthy, good guy.
    Déjà Bernhardt-Leazer, Skwattacamp Productions
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    Arp was a fantastic consultant for the building and launch of our WordPress Membership site. Not only did he build us the site we needed, but he did an excellent job of educating us on the inner workings of the site so that we can feel comfortable managing it down the road. He was very responsive, usually responding to communications within a matter of minutes, not hours. For our start-up business, he was exactly what we needed: more than just a developer - a consultant who took great care in gaining a strong understanding of our business and building us a solution that was right for us. I highly recommend him!
    Kevin Kinyon, Roof Coach Pro
  • Lila Brown, Gateway Yoga
    Working with Arp has always been a pleasure. His flair for unique and effective design strategies has been a huge asset to my business over the years, and their quick turnaround time with each task has been great. I highly recommend him and his work.
    Lila Brown, Gateway Yoga
  • Baba Barnett, Baba Paul Designs
    I find Arp to be very easy to work with and he understands the concepts that I present. As my business has grown, Arp has been able to help my site grow too. He is always quick to make a change for me no matter how big or small. I highly recommend working with him! (And I like following him on Twitter!) :)
    Baba Barnett, Baba Paul Designs
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    Arp is a trusted person in my business, and his availability is second to none when it comes to web related issues for me. Thanks Arp.
    Todd Ehrlich, Kill Cliff
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    I can’t really recommend Arp highly enough. He had what I’d consider to be a genuine baptism of fire taking over from our previous web developer who’d absconded overnight leaving little or no documentation for any potential successor. However, Arp’s superb knowledge, tenacity and attention to detail meant that we were up and running again very quickly which (a) helped us out of a very tight spot and (b) allowed me to sleep at night during what was a very stressful time. As such I’d recommend him without reservation and definitely look forward to working with him again.
    Dave Spiers, G-Force Software
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    I’ve worked with Arp on several projects, and am always impressed with his level of quality and attention to detail. If you need clean, well marked-up and maintained, and extremely functional front-end web development and strategy, Arp is the person to talk to.
    Nathaniel Taintor, Golden Apples Design
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    Arp helped us realize our website vision and develop the back end interface for our site on WordPress. Though our site is complex for WordPress, Arp delivered on time and on budget. He’s a fast implementer and easy to communicate with. He also brought us a lot of added value with his SEO knowledge and integration as well as optimizing for all major web access platforms. Because of our experience, we’re now looking to bring Arp’s expertise to some of our client engagements.
    Tim Sweeney, Upstream Thinking
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    Brilliant, Creative, Insightful, these are just a few of the words that describe the expertise and knowledge that Arp Laszlo brings to web site design and development. Arp’s guidance allowed us to far exceed my expectations for our web site’s performance. I highly recommend Arp’s skill to anyone seeking to bring their business and/or web presence to new heights.
    Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Birth Educator & Director
  • WordPress and Drupal websites for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay
    I have worked with Arp no less than three times working together on web, and design projects. Each instance provided an excellent result which both myself and my client’s were pleased with. Arp delivers value as well both in terms of the services he provides, but also the ADDED value of his expertise and experience. I have trusted Arp’s work, and advice in the past, and I look forward to the next occasion for us to work together.
    Jeremy Kaplan, Gardner Enterprises
  • Kate Pawlowski
    We were extremely happy with the work Sunrise Pro Websites did for us. They were capable, fast, hard working, and dealt with all the different things we wanted. We couldn't be happier!
    Kate Pawlowski
  • Excellent work and very professional.
    Dennis C.
  • Lake Highlander
    Arp helped us design a site for our mobile home park in Florida. He was attentive, a good listener, offered good suggestions and has been an excellent resource for technical problems.
    Lake Highlander
  • Good job on my web site.
    Jack W.